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SCA METAL İnşaat Yalıtım Isolasyon A.Ş., which was established within the group companies of partners with 30 years of experience in the Iron and Steel industry, has been put into service with the factory construction completed in 2014 in Adana Organize Sanayi Bölgesi.

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We produce our ceiling and wall panels in 3 different ways in terms of surface types.

POLY: : Inner and outer surfaces are 0.50 mm thick galvanized sheet, and RAL 9002 color polyester-based paint is available on it.

PVC: Sheet thickness on the inner and outer surfaces is 0.50 mm, and there is antibacterial PVC coating on galvanize.

CR-NI: Sheet thickness on the inner and outer surfaces is 0.50 mm, and there is 304 quality, 1st class antibacterial PVC coating on galvanize.

  • Panels are equipped with lock system (pulling and locking) and they are connected to each other with a male-female fitting detail.
  • Panels are produced with polyurethane filling between two sheets at a density of 40 (± 2) kg / m³.
  • In order to ensure full sealing feature, wall panels are produced in a special lug (notched) structure.
  • Panels are 1110 mm wide as standard and can be produced up to a length of 12.00 meters.
  • All panel surfaces are shipped with a protective film to be disassembled after assembly.
  • Panels are produced with a thickness of 50-80-100-120-150-180-200 mm.

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