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SCA METAL İnşaat Yalıtım Isolasyon A.Ş., which was established within the group companies of partners with 30 years of experience in the Iron and Steel industry, has been put into service with the factory construction completed in 2014 in Adana Organize Sanayi Bölgesi.

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Hot rolled coils cleaned with acid are coated with zinc directly (GHR) or after cold rolling
(GCR) by continuous hot dip method in galvanizing line. Galvanized coating process is
applied to both surfaces; the upper and lower surfaces.
Galvanized materials produced with this coating process, which is realized to prevent
corrosion and increase the life of the material in areas exposed to the atmosphere, constitute the most important input of the automotive industry and the sectors that perform exterior
coating. Galvanized/galvanealed steels are passivated by chromating and / or oiling to
protect the zinc coating formed on the surface.

  • Corrosion resistance: It provides excellent corrosion resistance due to the protection of the metal inherent in the zinc coating against corrosive elements by establishing a barrier. The best lifetime depends on the thickness of the coating and the severity of the environment (humidity, salty, etc.).
  • Formability: Galvanized steels are easily used in the production of parts that require extra deep drawing and bending.
  • Weldability: It can be welded by many known welding processes. Galvanealed products have a more developed spot welding than galvanized products.

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