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SCA METAL İnşaat Yalıtım Isolasyon A.Ş., which was established within the group companies of partners with 30 years of experience in the Iron and Steel industry, has been put into service with the factory construction completed in 2014 in Adana Organize Sanayi Bölgesi.

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In our slitting line, we open rolled sheet materials with a thickness of 0.20mm to 3mm, with a maximum width of 1800mm, passing them through circular knives arranged at certain intervals and winding them in narrower bands. In our slitting line, we provide quality service in all sizes at your choice by adhering to our machine capacity.

In our Cut-to-Length line, sheets from 0.20mm to 4mm in thickness and a maximum of 1500mm in width are cut into sheets in desired sizes. The cutting process is carried out according to the need for straightening units and cutting according to the customer needs.
Full automation is ensured with automatic transport systems. We produce in line with your requests with our clean, burr-free and fast cut-to-length lines.

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